Fairie & Febe – Dumaguete Engagement


Fairie Mae and Febe were high school lovers. After their high school graduation, they were separated after graduation and for 14 years, had no contact with each other. Fairie worked for a pharma company while Febe became a seaman. But thanks to the power of Facebook, they were able to search for each other, reconnect and rekindle their relationship even with the distance still between them. And I’m glad to have shot their first couple photos in 14 years. :)


Monette & Doop – Dumaguete Engagement


Monette and Doop are two beautiful people in love. They’re an easy-going couple who look really beautiful together. You just can’t help but feel that they were meant for each other. I am so glad that I got to shoot them and was able to visit really really beautiful homes.


Tracey & Ivan – Ozamiz Engagement


Tracey and Ivan was one of the first couples I’ve shot. I just came back from Metro Manila after graduating from the Ateneo and was just starting out as a wedding photographer. People in Ozamiz City are used to the traditional wedding photographer – one who just shows up at the wedding to shoot without thinking about storytelling. It was hard for me to find the right client who would love what I was trying to do. Thankfully, I met these two.


Maricel & James – Oroquieta Engagement

They arrived on August 13, we met on August 14, the engagement shoot was on August 15, and the wedding will be by August 17.

This cute couple came from Germany to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. We didn’t get to plan really well and we only met at a local cafe for a few minutes a day after they arrived in Ozamiz City. The engagement shoot was on the next day and their wedding will be in a few days. The only thing I knew about them was what I’ve read from my FB messages with James like Maricel wanting to shoot in a rice field and some of their fondest memories. The “plan” was just to wear comfortable clothes and we’ll go to nearby locations and just shoot! Borrowed Chai’s guitar, our little car, and got my buddy (Jeff) to assist. That was it!

Everything turned out well and it was super fun!


Deborah – Ozamiz Pre-debut


Deb is the sister-in-law of Apple, Divine’s cousin. Divine is a friend of me and Chai and she’s a very good makeup artist based in Cebu City. Ariane was also there to give her support. I shot with Divine, Apple, and Ariane when I was just starting out with photography. Deb is super cheerful and fun to work with in front of the camera. She looks really beautiful too, just like Apple, Divine, and Ariane!